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Essayas Weldegioris is Carr Companies’ MVP of the Month

Congratulations Essays!   We are very excited and proud to announce that Senior Operations Manager, Essayas Weldegioris, was named MVP of the Month for The Carr Companies, a client and partner of Colonial Parking. Essayas has been with Colonial Parking for 14 years and has managed and handled all of our parking operations for the […]

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We’ve Been Busy: New Additions to the Colonial Parking Portfolio

Despite COVID-19’s impact on business, Colonial Parking has been quite busy these past few months, diligently working to provide our services to more and more customers and clients throughout the area. As Vice President and General Manager Rich Rosenberger explained, “People would assume that because of COVID things have slowed down for us, but that’s just […]

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More Cars on the Horizon? Responding to Transportation Trends During COVID-19

  As your company and your tenants are planning to return to the office, we thought you would find it interesting to learn that the CDC is currently recommending that those returning to work choose transportation methods that limit contact with others, like walking, biking and driving, over public transportation. In Washington, DC this advice […]

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