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Author image Allison Howard

Posted by Allison Howard
December 28, 2018

Client Surveys and Colonial’s Dedication to Improvement

The first tenet of Colonial Parking’s mission is “constantly seek to improve, innovate and create value.” One of the ways we do that is with the help of our clients and a simple set of questions that get to the bottom of “How are we doing?”

Sent out twice a year, our client survey serves as an important tool for us to understand how we are excelling and where we can do better. Our survey covers everything from Management and cleanliness to financial statements and overall performance. Perhaps the most important part of the survey is the last question. It is open ended and simply asks for your feedback.

We have a team that examines every single response we get, then they act and coordinate with responsible parties. From these surveys, we can reward employees that go above and beyond and follow-up and with our clients on areas where we can improve.

Our client survey is a important tool. Thank you, for responding and challenging us to be even better.


–Allison Howard
Senior Marketing Manager


About Colonial Parking: Colonial Parking manages 280 plus parking locations in the Washington, DC area. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to both our customers and clients, as well as hiring trusted and driven employees that exude our integrity and accountability. We would be happy to review your project, be it large or small.

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