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Since 1997, Colonial Parking® has provided seamless and worry-free parking to all hospital visitors, despite operational challenges related to high volume, technology integration, and on-site construction. Understanding the difficult circumstances facing patients and families, we strive to relieve as much undue burden from their visit as possible, beginning with their first impression of the hospital – the parking experience.


In 2012, Colonial worked with the hospital to plan, bid, and implement a Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) to enhance our team’s on-site visibility, affording them greater flexibility to engage with customers and provide immediate assistance when needed. Additionally, high volume and varied turnover has required a strategic approach to stacking cars, communicating vacancies, and directing self-parkers. To foster a culture of proactive engagement, Colonial also provides the 30-person team with extensive training throughout the year, which translates into associates who understand the value of a smiling face, a warm welcome, and a clear and prompt response.


In 2016, Colonial’s Children’s National team received the hospital’s Power of One Award for providing outstanding customer service and improving the patient experience. This award is historically presented to internal Children’s teams – not to outside vendors. This honor demonstrates how integrated the Colonial team is within the hospital and the positive effect they have on patients.

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