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For over 65 years, Colonial Parking® has brought sophisticated professionalism and integrity to the parking management industry in the Washington, DC area. Along with award-winning service, Colonial’s Clients find an overwhelming dedication in our leaders and managers to an “honest count” – protecting our Clients’ financial interests and money as if it was our own. Colonial offers our Clients not only the promise of integrity and ethical business practices, but also a six-decade track record of exceeding our Clients’ expectations.

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Parking Management

Whether by lease or management agreement, Colonial offers Clients comprehensive parking management services, including on-site staffing, managerial support, revenue integrity and maximization, risk management, human resources, monthly account management, and accounting and reporting. All these services are brought together by skilled managers using the latest available technologies and tools. Colonial manages large parking portfolios for several local and national owners and managers of real estate. More than just a collection of garages, these portfolios represent Colonial’s dedication to providing our services in a coordinated and collaborative manner in relationships marked by both transparency and alignment. From budgeting and monthly reporting, to market updates and Client Advisories, Colonial strives to align the operation of each of these parking portfolios with shared leadership and management.

  • Comprehensive parking facility management
  • Management or lease agreements
  • Single location or portfolio management

Development and Technical Services

Leveraging its operational experience and far-reaching local presence, Colonial® offers our Clients a wide range of consulting services as they consider acquisitions or new projects. Led by a full-time designer, Colonial offers assistance with building garages that are user-friendly, accessible, and capable of accommodating the appropriate investment in access and revenue controls. Our consulting and technical work includes due diligence support; financial feasibility studies and underwriting; advanced Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS); graphics and signage design that provide guidance for parkers to available spaces; license plate recognition for enhanced accountability and control; and connectivity for remote management. In addition, Colonial maintains an in-house Technical Services Team capable of providing PARCS maintenance – faster, more cost efficient, and on schedule.

  • Financial feasibility studies and underwriting
  • Due diligence, strategic planning and design
  • Traffic flow, accessibility, and signage
  • Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) design specifications, installation, and commissioning

Revenue Integrity and Maximization (Auditing)

Colonial takes its responsibility as a Client’s money manager as seriously as its responsibility as a garage’s operator. Our RIM Team of 8 individuals is one of, if not the only local teams dedicated to audits, ensuring that our Client’s Parking Income is verified and policies are followed. This team, consisting of Field Auditors, Ticket Auditors and Ticket Inventory and Compliance Coordinators, is managed in-house and outside of our Operations Team.

  • Revenue collection and accounting audits
  • Robust Team of local Field, Ticket and Internal Auditors focused on risk mitigation/loss prevention
  • Dedicated to providing an “honest count” and, as such, offer these services FREE to Client locations

Remote Management Center

Colonial is one of a few operators to have a state-of-the-art Remote Management Center and the only operator to have it housed locally here in the Washington Metropolitan Area. With continuous 24/7 staffing and remote video, audio, and data connectivity to every point of customer interaction, customers find an immediate response by a friendly and helpful Customer Service Agent who is familiar with the parking garage and connected to Colonial’s field operations team. Through our RMC, we are also one of the only operators to continue providing “let-out” services for parkers that stay beyond the operating hours of the specific garage where they are parked.

  • 24/7 voice, video, and data monitoring of all PARCS
  • One-call issue resolution
  • The ONLY operator in the DMV with a locally operated and staffed RMC

Pricing and Yield Management (Revenue Maximization)

With Pricing and Yield Management, Colonial delivers a big data examination of your parking facility’s trends and analytics to arrive at rates and occupancy levels. Our dedicated team can make calculated and confident recommendations on price points, rate structures, and use allocations to maximize and enhance per space yield across a facility or an entire portfolio. We can also provide rate suggestions for dynamic pricing in the online market and/or special events to generate incremental income.

  • Ongoing market analysis
  • Implementation of dynamic pricing
  • Big data examination of facility trends and occupancy
  • Recommendations on rate structures and allocations

Marketing & Online Sales Management

Colonial Parking® utilizes its own online booking system, Preferred Parker, and also partners with the nation’s biggest parking reservation providers to open your location up to a whole new market. Within the online space, Colonial actively utilizes predicative analytics, dynamic pricing, and market research to strategically drive transient traffic, fill unused, perishable parking inventory, and maximize events to increase revenue, while also offering an additional service to customers.

  • Strategic approach to drive transient revenue
  • Maximize parking for events and fill unused spaces
  • Peace of mind for customers
  • Monitored and updated in real time
  • Flexible marketplace allows for dynamic pricing
  • Experimental environment to test rates and ideas with little to no negative impact

Monthly Account Administration

Each month, Colonial’s Customer Care team manages the billing, collection and credentialing for 90,000+ monthly account parkers from our Call Center in Georgetown. Customers can self-serve through our web portal or interact directly with a Call Agent during business hours. Our state-of-the-art systems handle permit distribution, billing, validations, and Customer Care.

  • Management of over 90,000 monthly accounts
  • Permit distribution, invoicing, and validations
  • In-house Customer Care Call Center

Facility Care

Our in-house Facility Care Our in-house Facility Care team self-performs all aspects of maintaining a parking garage, including pressure washing and scrubbing, machine sweeping, trash and recycling, porter services, and snow removal. With a department of over 60 employees and $1.5 million in rolling stock and equipment, we can handle all maintenance tasks, as well as repairs of parking access and revenue control equipment quickly and efficiently and can schedule during off hours to minimize the impact to customers. First impressions are everything – a tidy, well-kept, well-lit garage makes customers feel comfortable and secure. Regular cleaning helps preserve and maintain the value of your asset.

  • Machine sweeping and power washing
  • Janitorial and porter services
  • $1.5M in rolling stock and equipment
  • Over 60 dedicated employees


A critical element to any parking plan is enforcement. Colonial offers enforcement services that include routine patrols to ensure vehicles are properly parked in authorized areas, parking permits are visible, and vehicles are parked for acceptable periods of time. Violators can be handled in a variety of ways, based on our Client’s direction, ranging from written warnings, citations, immobilization boots, or towing from the premises.

  • Routine patrols of parking facilities
  • Verification of permits and safety protocols
  • Management of ticketing, towing, and collections

Valet Parking

With well-trained and friendly valet attendants and managers, Colonial offers an inviting experience at the “front door” of our Clients’ projects. We offer full service valet parking for office buildings, mixed-use/retail establishments, hospitals, hotels, sport facilities, and more!

  • A welcoming first impression to our Clients’ properties
  • Well-trained, professional, and courteous staff
  • Formal safety and customer service protocols

Enhanced Safety Measures

Colonial Parking is dedicated to ensuring our customers, clients and staff are safe and have implemented new safety measures:

  • Expansion of contactless payment options and available Self-Park & Lock spaces to enhance social distancing.
  • Signage and floor markers to encourage and maintain social distancing standards.
  • Employees wearing masks and gloves.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces.
  • Available disinfectant wipes for customers to wipe down steering wheels and door handles, where applicable.
  • New procedures for payment processing.
  • Employees certified in Electro-Hygiene fogging and GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Council) sanitation standards

Click here to read more about our safety measures.

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Our Technology

Colonial 360 Parking Analytics

With just a couple of clicks, our clients can explore parking data like never before. Colonial 360 gives our partners instant access to online statements, actual revenue data, tickets by rate type, historic and current monthly parker data, market analysis and more, from any device, at any time.

Pricing & Yield Management

Colonial Parking can offer a complimentary Yield Management Analysis for your facility. Utilizing your facilities’ basic information and data from integrated parking and internal systems, we create comprehensive models to determine the best pricing strategies for your location’s specific geography, occupancy and competition.

Parking Reservations

Colonial Parking has built its own pre-booking system, Preferred Parker. This system, alongside our partnerships with outside vendors, allows us the flexibility to offer dynamic pricing and specialized rates to drive revenue, while providing greater convenience to our customers.

Remote Management Center

The Remote Management Center can provide around the clock, high quality, and consistent customer assistance for your automated location. Leveraging IP-based technology and remote video, this service can reduce location staffing while enhancing customer service and communication.

Revenue & Access Control

From simple, stand-alone pay machines to state-of-the-art interconnected parking control systems, Colonial Parking can design it, manage installation and, most importantly, operate it to its full potential.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition allows for seamless ingress and egress, plus easy payment methods for customers. It also streamlines operations with better efficiency and enforcement, while providing valuable data that can be utilized to provide better service.

Space Guidance Systems

Space Guidance systems allow customers to quickly and easily navigate to available spaces. In-ground pucks, space counters and red and green sensors provide oversight and allow for better enforcement of spaces.

Digital Signage

With rugged equipment and high-resolution displays, dynamic pricing can be implemented and displayed, instantly granting the ability to capitalize on events, seasonality and peak weekdays in a way not previously possible.

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