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Erik Uhlig

Chief Strategy Officer

In his role, Erik is responsible for leading a number of transformative initiatives that support Colonial Parking’s overall mission to be the voice of authority for all things parking in the DMV. Whether it be to drive client revenue through spearheading our Monthly Parking software upgrade so that we can offer incremental parking options through PARCS integration or efficiency as Erik works with our RMC team to optimize the center to meet client expectations and customer satisfaction, he and his department are responsible for ensuring Colonial’s suite of products and solutions evolve with our client base’s needs and expectations.

Erik comes to us with over 22 years’ experience in the parking industry, having worked with two different national parking providers at various levels of operations, from a City Manager to a Regional Vice President. His last initiative before starting his own consultancy (with Colonial Parking as a client) was to serve as the business liaison between Corporate Development and Operations to identify optimal alt use cases and deploy them in the related markets.

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